Greetings from the Malaysian Malayalee Co-Operative!

Welcome to the Malaysian Malayalee Co-Operative website.


The Malaysian Malayalee Co—Operative which is registered with the Co-Operatives Commission of Malaysia, is the first economic arm of its kind formed exclusively for the Malayalee community of Malaysia. Our primary objective is to establish an investment vehicle through which Malaysian Malayalees by membership would reap economic benefits.

It is my sincere hope that Malayalees in our nation would appreciate the significance of investing in this Co—Operative to help develop a vibrant growth portfolio which could eventually bring about economic independence for our community.

Our Co-Operative aims to generate annual returns in the range of 6-10% through investments in a sustainable, diversified investment portfolio by:
(i) collating invested funds to avail of opportunities not available to the individual investor;
(ii) investing in existing co-operatives that have consistently generated returns of at least 8% per annum for the last 5 years;
(iii) investing in capital preservation instruments that guarantee investor capital;
(iv) acquiring undervalued or distressed real estate and operating the same through strategic partners in order to generate higher returns relative to market;
(v) providing micro loans capable of generating immediate returns, without downside having insured risk of default.

The Co-Operative’s direction is driven by a diverse group of professionals and entrepreneurs with expertise in various fields of investments, and is guided by its core values of transparency, ethical practices and governance.

On behalf of the Co-Operative, I am excited to invite you to join us in writing this new chapter in the annals of the Malaysian Malayalees. Have a look around our website and do contact us for membership details or other queries. I look forward to welcoming you onboard with us as we embark on this visionary journey.

Tan Sri Ravindran Menon
11 November 2019