About the

About Us

Koperasi Malayalee Malaysia Berhad was officially registered in 2010. It was set up as a hybrid co-operative, banding together the common interests of the Malaysian Malayalee community, to look into areas of investment as well as to support small business. In 2019, KMMB embarked on a rebranding and is now re-launched as an investment co-operative which functions as a community based socio-economic platform. Its main purpose to deliver long-term sustainable returns to its members annually.

The Co-operative aims to leverage collective community liquidity in order to avail of investment opportunities unavailable to the individual investor. KMMB is anchored on the basis of clear principles, fostering an environment of transparency and ethical practices. It is structured to optimise member benefits and make meaningful investments locally to generate sustainable dividends for its members.

Our Values

Our core values of ‘Transparency,’ ‘Ethical Practices,’ and ‘Compliance,’ shape the way we run the cooperative and represent KMMB’s highest priorities and fundamental driving force.

Transparency : Transparent in our decisions and communications with our members and stakeholders.
Ethical Practices : Honesty, truthfulness and consistency in our actions. We aim to protect our members.
Compliance : Setting a culture, basis of behaviour, integrity and with systematic accountability process implemented across the Co-operative.